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15 April 2005

A word about our sponsor

Welcome to the Royal County Arbiter's maiden entry. What better way to begin than by introducing you to our God?

"Let's worshipping me to the seventh sky go go go get super-crush!"

It's always difficult deciding to whom you'll pledge your worship and devotion - and people do squabble so - but we here at the RCA have a simple governing factor: Shiny goldenness of second owl-like face.

When we saw this large fellow towering above the treetops in Osaka's ExpoLand, we knew we'd found our man. Sometimes called the "Tower of the Sun", he was designed by Japanese artist Taro Okamoto for Japan's Expo '70, a trailblazing peek at what the future might hold in store for us all. A multitude of countries and peoples were represented, and this colossus watched over them all. He still stands today, proudly presiding over a tacky funfair and a flea-market hotspot. I bought a second hand Yoshitomo Nara t-shirt there for 500 yen (about $5, Merika-Jin), and an acoustic guitar for only 300 yen more. Our God was smiling on me that day. Well, sort of half-smiling, in his typical Jim O'Rourke way.

Why not find out more about the wonders of Expo '70, where people from across the globe queued for hours to see a piece of rock from the moon, and wore hilarious old-fashioned '70s clothes, the non-modern idiots?

Expo '70 as captured on a Minolta 16mm camera.
A cavalcade of interesting facts.
Official Japanese Expo Park site.
*It doesn't really say this.


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