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10 May 2005

I heart Playmobil

How I love the shiny plastic colourfulness of Playmobil! The uniformity, the sturdily-built fun!

The toy is designed completely with children in mind, from the size of the figures (ideal for a grabby child's paw) to the design of the faces which omit the nose that children themselves often do not bother with in their own drawings. Playmobil represents, for me, a special kind of healthy, decidedly European, utopian play-vision with the emphasis on civic duty and, er, pirates. Everything is clean, in super-flat colours and simple.

Expo fans may be interested to note that the creator of Playmobil, Hans Beck, was honoured with a statue at World Expo 2000 in Hannover, Germany.

Playmobil has a huge global following amongst adult fans and talented so-and-sos like Sven van der Hart have made stop-motion animation films with their Playmo collections. The Viking Five is particularly brilliant.
Official Playmobil site
Collectobil: unofficial site for fans and collectors

Now to retire to my boudoir with my Playmobil biohazard clean-up crew.


Blogger The Elusive Loo:

I love playmobil too! I had a schoolroom. My sis had a camper. Oh the memories...

3:29 pm  
Blogger l'il sis:

I am Louise's sister and must inform you that we still have the playmobil in the attic somewhere at our house! I think it's time to get out the playmobil and return to our youth!

12:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous:

"with the emphasis on civic duty and, er, pirates"

You kill me missy! I too noticed that dichotomy. I one time stole my nephew's Playmobil pirate ship for a photo shoot with Blythe!

Oh, for the lack of high speed. . .I'm dying to see the Vikings. One day. Thanks for the link, I saved it.
XXX Miss Gretchen

3:33 pm  

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