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05 May 2005

Robert Crumb? Sho' Iss!

I picked up the new Robert Crumb book today.

Having picked it up, I went over to the cashier and bought it.

The R. Crumb Handbook is a heavy, heavy thing – a lovely hardcover with 440 pages. It’s like a Bible, except that it’s obscene and blasphemous. An anti-Bible. Contained within are new autobiographical musings from Crumb, along with an awful lot of original art, comics, record sleeve designs, photos and other neato stuff. There doesn’t seem to be too much overlap between this book and the excellent R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book. These two publications are both ideal introductions to the man's work.

For the cover price of GB£14.99/US$24.99, you also get R. Crumb’s Music Sampler, a 20-track CD containing "selections recorded by the various groups that R. Crumb has enjoyed playing with during his long, half-assed musical career, from 1972 to 2003." There are ten tracks on here from Crumb’s excellent 1970s group the Cheap Suit Serenaders, six of which come from a 1998 Holland radio broadcast I’d never heard before. I never even knew the ole' gang got back together!

I hate to pimp big, faceless corporate entities, but I actually bought my copy of the book from a Virgin Megastore in the UK for just GB£9.99. What a steal. I assume that other branches will be selling it at the same price.

Listen to a very recent Fresh Air interview with Crumb
Promotional site for The R. Crumb Handbook
Crumb’s official site
The Crumb Museum - a fansite

Commercial ends.

Apparently he likes being called “R.” now, not “Robert.” Silly man. He’s grown a great beard, however.


Blogger Myrtle Peacock:

I hope you wiped your ass.

7:34 pm  
Blogger michael:

Wow! What a bargain! I will pop into the Virgin megastore in Chester when I am next there to see if I can get a copy. Someone sent me an original Robert Crumb comic from the 60's recently which is great though very rude .

7:25 am  

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