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30 June 2005

The Revolution Will Be Knitted

mircoRevolt are sending a petition to Nike in the form of a huge knit and crocheted blanket to bring attention to sweatshop labour and the campaign for fair employment conditions. It's a beautiful object and a fantastic idea. Each square someone makes to join this political afghan is a signature on the petition.

The group are currently seeking squares to make up a border for the swoosh; any colour, any gauge, knit or crochet - it's up to you as long as the finished piece is 4" x 4". Send squares to:

PO Box 1659
NY 12180
Maybe I could make mine out of unravelled Gap jumpers...


Blogger no name:

it just so happens i crochet. this is an interesting activist concept and so easy to do!
enjoying your blog.

3:56 pm  

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