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23 October 2005

Wayward Hum

Vashti Bunyan in 1967 and 2005

Vashti Bunyan! I cannot get enough of this woman's music. Her new album Lookaftering has just been released and features Arbiter favourite Joanna Newsom playing harp on a couple of songs. Indeed, it was through the Joanna Newsom LiveJournal community that I reached this rad blog hosting a new Bunyan mp3: gorilla vs. bear. One listen and pow!

Both this record and Just Another Diamond Day, first released in 1970, are beautiful; Vashti Bunyan's voice is clear and delicate like snowflakes or sleigh bells. The songs are gently melodic and there's plenty of subdued lush instrumentation going on in Lookaftering. Listening to these records is a rare treat - there are few albums that can make a wet autumn night seem magical or that can make you dream for hours.

So don't be a schmuck! Get hep to Vashti Bunyan like all the other cool kids in town.

anotherday: Bunyan's website with lyrics, pictures and lots of fascinating stuff about her life and experiences through the 1960s
Spinney: label created to re-release Just Another Diamond Day
FatCat Records: her new home


Blogger Tim Lazyhour:

Thank you for getting me down with Vashti Bunyan! It's nice when, just occasionally, people like this are from Britain. Almost makes the place seem bearable.

7:21 pm  
Blogger ben:

I hate you Joanna Newsom so but I love you Myrtle Peacock so. I AM TORN AND CONFUSED. HELP ME.

1:05 pm  
Anonymous routard:

psst...wanna buy some filthy hippy sounds?

8:23 pm  
Blogger Myrtle Peacock:

Tsk. I'm already on the Linda Perhacs bus, dude. Parallelograms is a great record. I first heard her on Andy Votel's compilation, Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word; that record has introduced me to some really great music and I highly recommend.

9:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous:

The revolution will be cut and pasted. O, it's already arrived. Are you a hippie? O,

1:18 am  

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