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29 November 2005

Genki Sushi?

One of my favourite places in Japan was a kaiten (revolving conveyor belt) sushi restaurant called Genki Sushi. I'm not the biggest fan of "real" sushi with the raw fish on, preferring novelty kid's sushi like the ones with tempura stuck in them or the little cups of jelly, but I am a huge fan of the Genki Sushi logo.

the Genki Sushi logo

The image is bold, striking and crazily paradoxical. You see, genki means happy, healthy, cheerful or lively in Japanese. It doesn't mean furious.

I once asked a co-worker why the Genki Sushi man was so angry and she looked surprised because, to her, it looked really genki - "maybe he's so genki that he looks a bit angry, like when a little kid is really really genki". I suppose one could see how his expression represents a fierce kind of determination appropriate to the making and serving of fresh sushi but my foreigner's eyes can't help seeing a burning fury there.

Genki Sushi man/mascot

What do you think?

Genki Sushi is now a global chain and there are branches across America and SE Asia (see here). Don't eat the Sushi Azarashi though.


Blogger Darrell:

Genki Sushi Man is brilliant.

That's not even his original face - it's a hand-me-down from Mooncat.

10:53 pm  
Blogger pinklefish:

He's so genki, he's in rude health. Geddit. Heheh.

1:43 am  
Blogger ben:

I did read that opening line genuinely as "One of my favourite places in Japan when I was a kaiten (revolving conveyor belt)" which is a side to you I haven't seen before. AND I LIKE IT.

Still, you know how the saying goes - "Dont follow Darrell, or you'll end up at Darrell's house. And dead. Obviously."

12:24 pm  
Blogger Tim Lazyhour:

Ben, I just misread your misreading as "One of my favourite places in Japan when I was kitten...".

Eeeh, it's a funny old world. I think I need new eyes.

2:11 pm  
Blogger ben:

Amazingly, I just read your misreading of my misreading as "I am a big fan of the internet"!!!!

What a world we live in!!!!!

[C Woman's Realm]

11:12 pm  

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