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25 November 2005

Museum of Childhood - pt.4

One of the best things in the section of the museum devoted to doll's houses were these model butcher's shops from the 1850s.

model butcher's shop from the Museum of Childhood

I love all these cuts of realistic-looking meat. Why, it's almost like seeing into meat/Lincoln-lovin' Mark Ryden's brain! Of course, until about 50 years ago, in pre-supermarket days, everyone bought their meat from butcher's shops like these (disembowelled wooden cow optional) and one could get parts with names like brisket and hock.

surrounded by meat - model butcher's shop from the Museum of Childhood

When I was a kid my favourite toy was a model post office so who am I to mock the nineteenth century child-butcher (pictured far right)? Perhaps the reason why we find these playthings so creepy now is that we no longer have a healthy relationship with meat; namely, most people do not want to remember that the meat they eat comes from animals.

another model butcher's shop from the Museum of Childhood

But it definitely doesn't come from that snooty cat, though.

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Blogger pinklefish:

You still can get cuts like hock and brisket. Especially brisket, I've seen that in Sainsburys!

12:44 pm  
Blogger Myrtle Peacock:

I am very familiar with brisket and hock unfortunately. My mum buys such cuts frequently in supermarkets and works them into our food.

7:55 pm  
Blogger michael:

Even for a vegetarian these little butchers shops with all the different cuts of meat are fascinating. One of my favourites from the museum too. So glad to see it hasnt changed all that much.

7:14 am  

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