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26 November 2005

Museum of Childhood - pt.5

Just one more thing about the Museum of Childhood's last day, and it's a world exclusive! We were all surprised to find famous English drug addict Pete Doherty posing as a doll in a Museum exhibit, wearing one of his trademark swanky hats:

Pete Doherty doll exhibit from the Museum of Childhood.

Looks like you've dropped your guitar/needle, Pete!

If you need proof, here's Mr. Doherty wearing another hat.

More from the Museum: pt.1 | pt.2 | pt.3 | pt.4


Blogger ben:

"Heeeeen Albeeeuh-hu-huuuuun I etc etc ends...thats £250 please. I'll do the next 11 numbers when I've slipped out of this museum window..."

4:46 pm  

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