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07 December 2005

Sexism of the Month

The following feeble piece appeared in the latest issue of the Newbury Building Society's annual newsletter.

'PA of the Month ... she is the good woman that all men need!' ... 'Never taken for granted' ... 'the picture shows the men behind the good woman!'

Now that's creepy low-level insidious sexism!

Congratulations to the winner, our glorious PA of the Month! She is the good woman that all men need! Note that she's never taken for granted. Working below those men must be awesome.

How gloomy it was to come across this demeaning journalism in Modern, Hip, Progressive 2005. It was probably written in all innocence by an unthinking, untalented writer who was just trying to inject a bit of fun and lightness into their copy. I can't decide if that makes it more or less depressing.

Let's get sexy:

Great article on gender representation in London Tube posters.
MediaWatch's gallery of sexist ads. Lowlights for me: this, this, & this.
(You may need to turn off ad blocker software to see these images.)
Sadly, I couldn't find any websites compiling examples of pervasive low-level sexism in obscure banking industry newsletters. For shame, feminists!


Blogger pinklefish:

Child bearing hips, too.

BTW, the word verfication today was mwpbowel.


1:16 am  
Blogger ben:

Seriously though - Sexism of the Mouth? Ouch Tim. Very ouch.

Love "Naughty" Ben Cables x

1:50 pm  
Anonymous routard:

Chik chik Chikan!

This is just wrong

8:19 pm  
Blogger Tim Lazyhour:

Great story, routard. There are posters all over Japanese train stations which say "Chikan wa Akan!", meaning "Groping is Not Allowed!" Much snappier in Japanese, of course. Here's a pic of one of the poster designs.

5:25 pm  

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05 December 2005

Clean your hands

If there was one custom I could import from Japan, it would be the use of oshibori. Oshibori are Japanese moist hot towels provided in restaurants for cleaning one's hands before eating; this is the kind of thing we usually get on long-haul flights and self-consciously put on our faces.

The fancier eateries use real little terry hand towels which often come to your table sealed in plastic despite being all hot and steamy but the majority of cafes and restaurants provide disposable 'moist towelettes' (these, for example) called kamioshibori or paper oshibori. Even fast food joints will give you oshibori without fail. All apart from McDonalds, the dirty bastards.

The kamioshibori plastic wrappers usually feature relentlessly insipid 80s-style designs with pastel colours and brush-stroke fonts. These specimens, however, appeared on a towelette given to us at a hip little cafe in Kobe:

Japanese moist towelette packaging

I can count about nine fingers on one of those crazy hands! And I can't even begin to understand the TOOTH TOOTH TOOTH.

You know, I'd always assumed that the hot oshibori I got when dining out were microwaved but it turns out that restaurants have special oshibori machines. I wonder how much it would cost to get one for my home...

For people who can't get enough of moist towelettes there are two (two!) online moist towelette collections to peruse: John French's museum and Michael Lewis' gallery.


Blogger ben:

I have teeth! What do I win?

The Pete Doherty doll?, Dad i dont like it...Dad....DAAAAAADDDDDDD.

Lots of love,
Mr Tickle

10:22 pm  
Blogger Darrell:

"TOOTH TOOTH TOOTH" is the sound you make when you've got something stuck inbetween your front teeth and are trying to remove it with the tip of your tongue.

So I can only assume the napkin is there to provide subtitles for the deaf.

Probably at the request of john40dalek.

10:27 pm  
Anonymous monk!house?:

Perhaps it is supposed to say TOOTH YOUR HANDS as the hands themselves look pretty chewed up, and then CLEANCLEANCLEANCLEANCLEANCLEAN? (As in, the mess that results from biting ones own hands.)

It could be the start of a new line of cafes where the customer eats themselves!

/rings patent office

10:57 pm  
Blogger pinklefish:

It's plainly obvious that the hands are twiddling some oddly-positioned nipples.

That's all I have to say at the present time.

7:34 am  
Anonymous Anonymous:

Nice Moose

8:00 am  
Anonymous Soup:

Plastic-sealed hot towels are a wonderful thing. For me they are redolent of provincial dining (such things are sneered at in the modern city, alas) and I was delighted to be given one during a recent visit to an East-Anglian Indian restaurant. Sadly, they are always offered at the end of a meal. Perhaps English restaurateurs think it rude to imply - however subtly - that their guests may not have washed their hands before sitting down to eat.

12:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous:

I have a moist towelette from NYC with an American flag on one side, and on the other it says, "the proceeds from the sale of this moist towelette are going to the fight against terrorism."


4:02 am  

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01 December 2005

What Are All The Hipsters Looking At?

While reading Momus' recent blog entry about a Helsinki street fashion website called Hel-Looks, I was reminded of a curious phenomenon which I've seen in many photos over the years. I have gathered evidence from Hel-Looks and, and present my findings to you.

nine hipsters

If I were the photographer, I'd be constantly freaking out and looking over my shoulder. Then, after years of these averted gazes, I'd probably develop an inferiority complex. This would go some way towards offsetting the superiority complex of my subjects.

I just want to know what all the cool kids are looking at.


Blogger Myrtle Peacock:

What All The Hipsters Are Looking At:

1. Green Hair - dark clouds
2. Black Hood - a ticker tape news feed on a building across the street broadcasting some news about war atrocities
3. Red Hair - a Diet Coke break
4. Red, White & Blue - nothing
5. Eighties - someone over there taking a photo of her
6. Blue Man - his sidekick, Rusty the dachshund hound
7. Glasses - the SE Asian Rebecca
8. Hideous Necklace - a prankster mimicking every movement of the photographer
9. Japanese Punk Boy - your mother wears the t-shirts of the Rolling Stones

So, there you have it. I hope that answers your question.

8:05 pm  
Blogger ben:

What All The Hipsters Are Looking At:

-'How Not To Decorate' on Five
-Myrtle Peacock

Sorry, Im ill. Im flaccid.

11:10 pm  
Anonymous Old Guy:

It's obvious.

They are all looking at the SAME thing. Their Moms.


Their expressions say, "Well, Mom, what do you think of my COOL hair-do? Oh. Uh-huh. Really? Well, I hadn't thought about it that way. Really, that bad? You're sure? Gosh (or some expletive), I wonder if I can wash it out before Friday night..."

8:57 pm  

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