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07 December 2005

Sexism of the Month

The following feeble piece appeared in the latest issue of the Newbury Building Society's annual newsletter.

'PA of the Month ... she is the good woman that all men need!' ... 'Never taken for granted' ... 'the picture shows the men behind the good woman!'

Now that's creepy low-level insidious sexism!

Congratulations to the winner, our glorious PA of the Month! She is the good woman that all men need! Note that she's never taken for granted. Working below those men must be awesome.

How gloomy it was to come across this demeaning journalism in Modern, Hip, Progressive 2005. It was probably written in all innocence by an unthinking, untalented writer who was just trying to inject a bit of fun and lightness into their copy. I can't decide if that makes it more or less depressing.

Let's get sexy:

Great article on gender representation in London Tube posters.
MediaWatch's gallery of sexist ads. Lowlights for me: this, this, & this.
(You may need to turn off ad blocker software to see these images.)
Sadly, I couldn't find any websites compiling examples of pervasive low-level sexism in obscure banking industry newsletters. For shame, feminists!


Blogger pinklefish:

Child bearing hips, too.

BTW, the word verfication today was mwpbowel.


1:16 am  
Blogger ben:

Seriously though - Sexism of the Mouth? Ouch Tim. Very ouch.

Love "Naughty" Ben Cables x

1:50 pm  
Anonymous routard:

Chik chik Chikan!

This is just wrong

8:19 pm  
Blogger Tim Lazyhour:

Great story, routard. There are posters all over Japanese train stations which say "Chikan wa Akan!", meaning "Groping is Not Allowed!" Much snappier in Japanese, of course. Here's a pic of one of the poster designs.

5:25 pm  

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