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01 December 2005

What Are All The Hipsters Looking At?

While reading Momus' recent blog entry about a Helsinki street fashion website called Hel-Looks, I was reminded of a curious phenomenon which I've seen in many photos over the years. I have gathered evidence from Hel-Looks and, and present my findings to you.

nine hipsters

If I were the photographer, I'd be constantly freaking out and looking over my shoulder. Then, after years of these averted gazes, I'd probably develop an inferiority complex. This would go some way towards offsetting the superiority complex of my subjects.

I just want to know what all the cool kids are looking at.


Blogger Myrtle Peacock:

What All The Hipsters Are Looking At:

1. Green Hair - dark clouds
2. Black Hood - a ticker tape news feed on a building across the street broadcasting some news about war atrocities
3. Red Hair - a Diet Coke break
4. Red, White & Blue - nothing
5. Eighties - someone over there taking a photo of her
6. Blue Man - his sidekick, Rusty the dachshund hound
7. Glasses - the SE Asian Rebecca
8. Hideous Necklace - a prankster mimicking every movement of the photographer
9. Japanese Punk Boy - your mother wears the t-shirts of the Rolling Stones

So, there you have it. I hope that answers your question.

8:05 pm  
Blogger ben:

What All The Hipsters Are Looking At:

-'How Not To Decorate' on Five
-Myrtle Peacock

Sorry, Im ill. Im flaccid.

11:10 pm  
Anonymous Old Guy:

It's obvious.

They are all looking at the SAME thing. Their Moms.


Their expressions say, "Well, Mom, what do you think of my COOL hair-do? Oh. Uh-huh. Really? Well, I hadn't thought about it that way. Really, that bad? You're sure? Gosh (or some expletive), I wonder if I can wash it out before Friday night..."

8:57 pm  

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