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14 February 2006

The Boy Crosses Over The Rainbow

Harold and Maude Japanese poster

Looking for a romantic, life-affirming film to watch on Valentine's Day that won't offend your hipster sensibilities? It is possible!

1971's Harold and Maude is certainly one of my favourite films of the moment - a love story that is neither saccharine and predictable nor gritty and dark. It's funny, warm and full of fantastic subtle touches. I feel sure that it must have played a large part in influencing the work of Wes Anderson, particularly Rushmore. Indeed, Bud Cort (who plays Harold in Harold and Maude) appears in The Life Aquatic, bringing the whole thing full circle.

This charming educational diagram should help to explain the story:

diagram showing relationships in Harold and Maude
Please do click for a large, readable version.

There's suicide, joyriding, philosophy, Vivian Pickles (cf. Robert Vinegar), love, satire and a banjo. What more could you ask for? I thoroughly recommend this film.

Bat-shit crazy link content rating level running from high to medium:

HAROLD AND MAUDE -- a hand-drawn map, pictures and some strange fanfic/comprehension exercises on this German site (in English) for possibly a school project about the film
Harold & Maude: the unofficial Homepage -- comprehensive
R-V Caps -- astounding archive of hundreds of screen captures from the film


Anonymous r:

This is one of my favourite movies and one I'm always happy to recommend. I would disagree with you though and say it's very much a hipster movie. It’s all hips in fact, much like a pumpkin wearing a belt. It’s on par with other hipster favourite Withnail & I.

Entertaining Mr Sloane is a fab movie if you can find it. Wait a mo, it must have been finally released on a something other than many-times-handled-eBay-VHS (or MTHEVHS)

Thanks for the tangent!

8:36 pm  
Anonymous routard:

hey, I said that! :P

You know the wobbly writting you have to type in here before you post, the anti-spamming thing? Do you think it's sticking two fingers up at dyslexic webusers?

8:39 pm  

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