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23 February 2006

Hello I'm Latte!


"Come on in! We're small enough to fit in your palm. But working together we'll make the best coffee you've ever had!"

Who could resist such a thing? Despite being only 4cm tall these Tenorikuma (bear on your palm) have opened a coffee shop and are working their little stripey raccoon tails off to bring you simply the best coffee experience you've ever had. It's the American dream.

My favourite character is Mr Steam, a ghost that lives in your drink. Get the low-down on Latte-kun, Maple-chan, Chai-kun, Frappe-kun, Macchiato-kun and, of course, Mr Steam here. Better still, watch short Tenorikuma stop-motion animations! Kyaaaaa!

Can't get enough of the Sanrio-Starbucks crossover? Check these:

Tenorikuma goods: peruse the latest merchandise
Cute Barista!: a fan-listing with lots of pretty link buttons for you
TENORI-ON: no raccoons here but light and sound from your finger! Rad.


Blogger Spider-Sam:

Oh no! As if drinking coffee wasn't scary enough, now I'll have to check my every cup for ghosts!!

12:34 pm  

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