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28 February 2006

Train! Train! Traingrfgsflgsflkfsgsfklg!!!11

Just when you thought it was safe, Japan drops another coquettish bomb.

Densha Otoko DVD cover

Densha Otoko (Train Man) is the true story of a socially-retarded otaku (geek) who rescues a refined young woman from a train groper. The original book, released in November 2004, chronicles their burgeoning romance through the forum posts that he makes soliciting advice on the internet BBS 2ch. It has since spawned a film, a manga series and a TV series which ended this month; there has even been talk of an anime series being produced that is based on some of the animations from the TV series' opening credits.

Although it is being touted as a true story, there are those who have reason to believe it to be nothing but media-generated hokum - see Marxy here and here. It does seem rather too steki to be true: an otaku with a heart of gold, a beautiful unpretentious girl and the wild outpourings of Japan's largest internet community all working to remodel the geek/hero into a suitable suitor. Hollywood's probably already bought rights to the story.

Project Densha: the wonderful and hugely entertaining English translation of the original BBS posts (last chapter incomplete - gah!)
Densha Otoko: complete archived BBS posts in Japanese
Kaomoji: Japanese emoticons (see also Shift JIS art and East Asian emoticons)

Who cares if it's fake when we have this? (;゚Д゚)


Blogger Tim Lazyhour:

Surely the spin-off videogame can't be far off. I hope it will be a Game Boy Advance puzzle game. Or "Densha Otoko De Go!"

12:29 am  
Blogger ben:

US Title: Mr Titty Touch - The Musical (2006)

Train Man voiced by John Goodmans.
Woman voiced by John Goodmans.
Train voiced by 'Mr Dad'.

No childrens.

7:37 pm  
Anonymous Old Guy:

I saw the movie a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it.

Sure, it was a bit slow in spots and showed the geek as overly emotional (I thought), but hey, he was in love and trying to express himself the best he could.

I take all movies with a pound or two of salt (as opposed to a few grains), but if Train Man is viewed in that light, it gives at least some insight into the Japanese (perhaps even Asian?) young peoples' culture, which I'm sure is evolving because of western influences and Hollywood.

Anyone who thinks anyone in America is who they see in the movies is a dreamer. (I'm including Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears--everyone is exaggerated by magazines and the movies for one reason--it sells!)

Americans (and your favorite movie stars) are as boring as everyone else, including you and you and you. But the fantasy is what counts and dreamers we all are.

8:35 pm  

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