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04 April 2006

The Free Object

My very favourite crafty arty internet person, Sarah Neuburger, has declared it a week of download fun at The Small Object. Huzzah! She'll be uploading a new free downloadable mystery item every day this week, all week.

So far we've had these great envelopes and labels:

free downloadable envelopes and labels to print out and make, created by Sarah Neuburger at The Small Object

I printed some out this morning at work and sat with the glue and scissors making them. I can confirm absolutely without reserve the radness of these designs. And I can't wait for the stationery that I ordered to arrive!

Download from the Small Object Steno Pad.


Blogger Spider-Sam:

Thumb wrestling championship belts!!
At last, something useful on the internet!

1:14 pm  

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