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20 April 2006

I'll give as much milk as possible

I was handed this flyer yesterday by a middle-aged Chinese lady:

Quan Yin Alternative Living vegetarianism flyer

Any fool can tell you that a flyer with a drawing of a chicken saying "We Pray for You" on it is worth keeping.

Who is behind this campaign to convert people to vegetarianism? The links at the bottom of the flyer point to which, despite the spooky name, is a sort of Buddhist group led by The Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Being vegetarian is a major facet of traditional Buddhism but Supreme Master Ching Hai has some further explanations about why we mustn't eat eggs:

"We can drink milk, yes we could, no problem about milk because we don't have to kill the animal for milk. About the egg, even if it's no fertilized egg, it still contains a kind of symbol of life and death, born and reborn, and also the egg has the potential of attracting the negative energy. Perhaps you would read or know or heard that many of the magicians, they use the eggs to attract the negative entities from some of the possessed persons. Therefore we do not like to attract the negative force into ourselves, because now we try to reach the positive nature."
"Because egg is a symbol of life and death. In it contains life, yeah. And many of the black magicians or white magicians they use eggs to withdraw some of the negative possessive spirit within some people, yeah. Therefore, if we eat eggs too much we tend to attract this negative force toward ourselves. Yeah, that's one of the reasons why we should not eat eggs, hm."

Here, have an egg-free fortune cookie. I can absolutely guarantee it will not attract any negative entities.


Blogger ben:

That list of It's (It's Peace?!!?)seems to be crying out for an additional "Its Dot Com!" at the end.

I promise not to drink any cows on my way home.

10:50 am  
Anonymous Robert:

I like the way that Supreme Master Ching Hai occasionally loses patience with the Frequently Asked Questions and responds rather irritably: "I am vegetarian because the God inside me wants it. Understand?"

Hey! Be mellow Supreme Master Ching Hai!

12:57 pm  
Anonymous Boonzie:

Isn't the idea of a chicken praying for human lives somewhat blasphemous?

1:22 pm  
Blogger Christopher:

Bang goes my 'eggs with soliders' evening.

Those cadets are going to be dissapointed.

4:50 pm  
Blogger Jan:

unfortunately, I'm eating a chicken salad (with egg) sandwich as I read this. Oh, the dreary bread and the negative energy and the death of the praying chicken...they cry out to me.

woe. is. me.

3:04 pm  

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