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02 April 2006

Natsume Soseki Am A Cat

We found this a little while ago on a Japanese imageboard:

Natsume Soseki, money-folding origami cat

It's a folded 1000-yen banknote, featuring the face of author Natsume Soseki. The creator of this piece is sadly unknown.

Try as we might, we have failed to find any instructions on the internet on how to make this particular kind of origami money-folding cat, either for Japanese money or our own trusty British sterling. I can, however, make a lovely Japanese crane. Myrtle says she can make a lily, but this is unproven.

On researching this entry, we've just discovered that these 1000-yen notes were phased out as legal tender just after we left Japan, replaced by ones bearing the countenance of Hideyo Noguchi.

...All this holiday money is WORTHLESS!


Anonymous Steve Jay:

That's fantastic! Soseki is one of my favourite authors, and probably the sole reason why I now own a cat. What Impudence! Foolish Humans! I love it.

If you do find out how to make these let me know.

You know there's a funny little trick that you can do with an australian 5$ bill featuring Queen Elizabeth II - though it's not quite oragami. When folded in the correct fashion you can turn the queens portrait into 'the coming together of the male/female genitalia'- to put it nicely. It really has to be seen to be believed.

12:00 pm  
Anonymous routard:

I googled 'royal arbiter' and got this chap :) I expect you know that?

On paper folding tricks I like to make these using bank notes

1:46 pm  
Blogger Tim Lazyhour:

Steve Jay - You'll have to take a picture of this folded money featuring the 'coming together' of genitalia! Failing that, just send me a picture of the same thing happening in real life.

routard: That is an excellent link! I'm going to try it myself today. And yes, I know all about this 'Dickie Arbiter' fellow. He's on our patch, and you don't want to know what happens to people that muscle in on our patch.

(we send them pictures of the coming together of genitalia.)

1:57 pm  

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